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Yet another reason why Pocky is a favorite snack of mine...

While checking on some syndicated feeds I subscribe to that hadn't shown up recently on my Friends view, I found an incredibly funny comment that I felt compelled to blog, if only to share with Vogon later:

"Fran is Pocky's snotty, prettier friend who boasts more chocolate mousse and a way higher price-tag. Stick with Pocky. Pocky is inexpensive, reasonable and just as tasty (with that extra hint of cookie since it isn't slathered in layer upon layer of rich dark chocolate).

"You deserve something awesome. Like Pocky. (Ignore Pretz. Pretz is easy but it sucks and it makes your mouth dry). Fear not! Your confectionery delight will someday be around the corner and it will call you back and love you, too. You're so fucking hot and witty anyway. It shouldn't take long."

(Confused? Fran, Pocky, and Pretz are Japanese snack foods. Fran and Pocky are biscuit sticks dipped in chocolate or other flavored coatings. Pretz are flavored pretzel sticks.)

Also, I sent an e-mail to LJ Support with the updated feed URL for yongfook, so that feed should be working again in a few days.
Tags: 641_food, 817_humor

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