Melissa, starry-eyed soy-lovin' Expatriated Zulu (oddharmonic) wrote,
Melissa, starry-eyed soy-lovin' Expatriated Zulu

Los Angeles vacation, day 4: King Taco, more fun from Home Depot, and commando shopping.

Tuesday got off to a rough start with Laurel needing a shower and fighting it at every step, fussing the whole time we were in the tiled echo chamber (whee), but she calmed down in time to go out to one of our obligatory Places to Eat in Los Angeles: the original King Taco.

I ordered the same thing I always do: carnitas tacos and an horchata. Vogon tried sopes (palm-sized masa bowls filled with beans and meat, topped with shredded cabbage and cheese) after Dad described them to him. Dad ordered sopes for Laurel as well, but she took a little fake-taste (she'll make like she's going to take a bite, then doesn't) and wouldn't eat them, so offered to stop for a drive-through kids' meal on the way home. She surprised him by asking for Burger King, then talked about all the Fantastic Four while he went in to order, insisting that she wanted Invisible Woman as her toy. Sure enough, we found her figurine when we unpacked her meal at home.

Dad and Vogon went to Home Depot, returning with a three-burner gas grill that Vogon and I assembled with some minor grumbling between shooing Laurel from underfoot and a few issues fitting pieces together. Vogon liked it so much he's thinking about buying one. (It's a Char-Broil Performance Series model; I'd link to their site but I keep getting "cannot find server" messages in both Firefox and IE for While we were assembling the grill, an SBC technician arrived to set up the DSL line that Isaac (my cousin James' partner) had been patiently waiting for for ages and Dad chatted her up, finding someone they knew in common and making my aunt chuckle over how Dad knows so many people. Previous installation attempts had ended after other technicians couldn't access the telephone pole due to it being in a neighbor's yard with a not particularly friendly dog, but she lucked out by finding another neighbor with easy access but a locked gate home and willing to let her into their yard. I missed seeing her climb the pole or I'd have taken a photo just because I'd boggle at watching someone do that.

After dinner my sister suggested going to Big Lots although it was closing in half an hour. I guess it must have been a challenge she liked, so we (me, Vogon, both sisters and my cousin Nadine) drove over and the girls covered the store commando style while Vogon and I poked around until the five-minute warning over the store's PA system. Our major find was wooden collage frames with the word "family" laser-engraved on them that I'll have to pick and print photos for so he can put his on his desk at work, but he found tub crayons for Laurel and I picked up a microfiber camisole that my younger sister later said she'd really liked the feel of when she'd passed the rack it was on before I did.
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