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Working on travel journal, side effects of vacation, and today's moment of Zen (smack my fish up).

Hashing out my travel journal from my notes and photos is taking longer than I expected; comment if you'd like to see something specific sooner. I've got the directory of photos that will eventually be a Gallery album down to 72 photos. I think that's a bit much, so I'm not looking at them for a few days, then I'll go back and hopefully pare them down further.

I'm still getting back on track from the usual side effects of vacation:
- I'm almost back in sync with local time after a week. I hope the extra sleep this weekend helped, too.
- After spending a few days taped up, my foot feels much better. I definitely wasn't thinking when I wore strappy heeled sandals to go out dancing our last night of vacation.
- My psoriasis flareup is slowly easing off after I used Psoriasin gel again. I took a 'before' picture this time so you can see what a difference it makes. (The flareup was partly due to me forgetting to pack the Flexitol Heel Balm. I don't know what else played into it, but I know it was more than that because I had patches show up on my arms, which I haven't seen in a long time.)

Today's moment of Zen: while Vogon was changing the water in the fishtank, the fish kept swimming up to the siphon hose and stopping it from draining when they got too close. Vogon finally resorted to gently smacking at the fish to shoo them away from the siphon hose, which we will now refer to as "smacking my fish up." [cue The Prodigy]
Tags: 616.526_psoriasis, 639.3_fish_and_aquariums, 817_humor, 917_north_american_travel, administratrivia

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