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Misc. media diet notes, working on photo updates for the site and psoriasis treatment mini-review.

Susie Bright's recent entry Make Mine "Crappy" is funny. (NSFW if adult-content words are blocked, but it's not visually explicit.) After reading an erotica compilation, would you fill out the feedback survey at the end of the book to complain some of the stories were downright "smutty" (quotation marks the original author's)? Heh.

revme wrote a post for Owl-Stretching Time in the style of Choose Your Own Adventure last week that I found wildly entertaining.

I bookmarked the article "Training the Brain: Cognitive therapy as an alternative to ADHD drugs" in the latest issue of SciAm for future reference.


I finally got around to preparing an update for the photos section of, which will now be going up in quarterly chunks (and I'll retroactively edit the older sections... eventually). I'm working on Q1 2005 as of this post.


A swing and a hit with psoriasis treatments: Vogon picked up two products earlier this month I've tried, Psoriasin and Flexitol Heel Balm.

Psoriasin gel's active ingredient is 1.25% coal tar, smells like mothballs, and the combination of smell and burning sensation made my eyes water for several minutes after application. Vogon assured me that the patch I was applying it to looked like it was healing (he noticed a difference a few hours after the first application), but it hurt to use under my eyes and didn't appear to make any difference behind my ears.

Flexitol Heel Balm's active ingredient is 25% synthesized urea. It's in a lanolin base, so it smells like sheep (not a smell I mind, but others might). It stung slightly for a few minutes after application to the most sensitive parts of the psoriasis around my eyes, but a week later the plaques (scales) that I've been trying to beat back all year are gone except for a small patch below my left eyebrow that's been there for years. It healed up the cracks in Vogon's feet, too -- which is why he originally bought it.
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