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Recent media diet, summer 2003 administratrivia, tags and Semagic, and gardening notes.

Almost two years after first admitting I watch it, I was pleased by the season premiere of PBS' History Detectives earlier this week. I only yelled at the TV once for one of the researchers not wearing gloves when touching old paper.

I found last week's House, MD rerun (ep. #1.5, "Damned If You Do") more satisfying than this week's (ep. #1.11, "Detox"), though it was funny-weird to recognize the actress playing the patient's girlfriend as the dead girl from Veronica Mars. Heh.

Last night's episode of American Masters was Sweet Honey in the Rock: Raise Your Voice; I watched it alone since Vogon got too much of a gospel vibe off them for his taste. It's too bad I couldn't tape it because I know Laurel likes Sweet Honey too (Still The Same Me was the first album I bought for her) but we still thought of her -- at the point in "Nature Song" when Aisha wails, Vogon thought Laurel was crying and came out of the study.

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