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Weird week and a note on hand-me-down girl's clothes.

This week has just been weird.

On Tuesday, we had lunch at Purdy's (I thought of Leann and Andy when I heard the name) and Laurel had her first mealtime behavior issue in several weeks: pulling alligator tears after being reprimanded for kicking Vogon in the knee, which earned a trip outside to cool down and stop crying before we rejoined our lunchtime company.

I thought that was my dose of weird for the day, but after lunch we had surprise visitors: the nerdsprout and her best friend, neither of which we'd seen in months. I called Vogon to apprise him of the situation and he came home, briefly talked with her, and headed back to work. After he left, I helped the girls carry the already-packed boxes of clothing down to her friend's car and pack a few boxes of miscellaneous stuff (books, CDs, etc.) as well.

Wednesday was pretty normal after that, aside from tuning in to CNN to see a segment on NewsNight with Aaron Brown that ostensibly featured the software Vogon works on. We saw the two customer sites the company recommended to focus on how they use the product, but all we saw of an interview with the medical director of the product division were expecting to see was perhaps 30 seconds total and I wouldn't have even caught the product name if I wasn't looking for it -- one scene where a doctor was sitting in front of a computer screen displaying it. Meh.

Today at lunch Vogon gave me a heads-up that his dad is in town and would like to bring two of the nieces (one of them is around Laurel's age and she loves her to bits) to join us for lunch, so I've been putting a lot of effort into decluttering the living room. While there's lots of obvious tasks -- putting the steam press in the closet, neatly stowing up the cloth around the couch and sewing corner, breaking down some boxes to go out -- I'm really enjoying the little things, like repairing a spring wire hamper that holds stuffed animals and repurposing the large fabric remote control organizer that hung over the edge of my mantel to hold  large pairs of sewing shears (we have several pairs of 7"+ dressmaker's shears plus the requisite pair of pinking shears) and help a plastic drawer unit sit evenly under the sewing table, which is a nice improvement over its regular slight but noticeable lean. The remotes now sit neatly in a box the perfect size to hold all four remotes, cut down to height and covered in fabric.

While I'm cleaning, I've got a box rapidly filling with size 2 and 3 girls' clothes. red_ervish has first dibs since she's the most recent recipient of past hand-me-downs. It fits nicely with the fact that a package from oxymoron02 arrived today and Laurel's thrilled by all the new-to-her clothes, especially the striped tee (I really liked the elephant shirt myself). Thanks!
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