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Photos: reader's request meme (our house).

angelpez wanted to see pictures of our house and how it's decorated. We haven't really decorated this place, so you get the highlight reel instead. (:

This is one of the pools and some of the buildings in our complex. It goes without saying that Vogon and Laurel love the pools and hot tubs.

Inside, this hangs in the entrance to the kitchen:

This was my first anniversary gift to Vogon. It hangs at the entrance to our kitchen so we both see it several times a day.

Our mantel holds an eclectic mix of decoration and Things Out of Laurel's Reach:

The artwork was a gift to Vogon from his grandmother. The bamboo is real (there's another braided group not visible in the photo), as is the obsidian sphere at the corner, and the lightswitch is for the gas fireplace.

This is Laurel's bed:

The comforter, giant Pooh bear and cow-print pillow were inherited from the nerdsprout; Mimi the purple bear was Laurel's Easter gift last year, and I'm not sure where the polarfleece blankies and little pillow between the bears are from. (We know where Laurel came from. Heh.)

This is our bed:

When the curtains are pulled, the bed is closed off from the rest of the room but not from the ceiling fan, which is really nice in the summer. The pillows (and the body pillow underneath it) are all filled with buckwheat hulls, so they're like sandbags in a pillow fight.

And this is often Biko's bed:

This is the cat tree Vogon bought a few weeks ago. It's in the master bedroom to keep Laurel at a safe distance away while the princess looks outside, naps, or scratches the posts. She gets to the top tube by jumping from the windowsill and frequently jumps from the lounges to the bed, which was unnerving for the first week or so.

If you'd like to make a request for me to photograph something, please comment to my 15 June post.
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