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Photos: readers' request meme (Laurel's little sister and some things I'm proud of).

parrot_bay requested a picture of Laurel's (imaginary) little sister.

According to Laurel, who drew the picture yesterday, her little sister is sitting, Laurel is in the middle and I'm standing on the right. She doesn't remember why I have arms but no legs.


spasmsproject was interested in seeing something or someone I'm really proud of.

I immediately thought of these:

I think Vogon took a big chance when he asked me "If I send you plane tickets, would you come visit?". I was amazed that he already had that much faith in my word that I would and I'm proud that he took that chance on us.

If that's a bit too cheesy, I'm also really proud of these:

I'd never tended a hibiscus plant before and was afraid it wouldn't thrive or might even die, but it's done beautifully and loves the nitrogen-rich water from fishtank water changes.

If you'd like to make a request for me to photograph something, please comment to my 15 June post.
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