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Undated take-out containers, random Vogon, and miscellaneous memes (why I like you, photo requests).

I had a flash of inspiration about the periodically undated leftovers in the fridge: why not note on the calendar when we ate someplace? The calendar's there mostly for me and it's a lot easier to look at the calendar for the date we ate at a certain restaurant than writing on takeout containers that are either hard to write on or hard to read from the side. Ding! As my mother would say, if it was a bear, it would have bit me.

Vogon has been coming out with the oddest things lately, like that he considered booking a couples' spa day as a Mother's Day gift for me but didn't since we don't currently have a local babysitter or that it'd be nice to go on a cruise before Laurel's in school and we aren't limited by school holidays for vacation... and I thought I was random with being spacey in the past month.

Two miscellaneous memes I find amusing:
- Comment on this post, and I'll tell you why I love/like/enjoy/delight in you.
- Comment with anything you'd like me to photograph for you to see (within reason) and I'll post them in upcoming posts.
Tags: 304.5_memes, 640.48_organization, vogonpoet

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