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Heckuva headache, foodie rambling with a brief tangent on breastfeeding, Celebrity Reader, Sprout.

After two weeks of PMS, Mother Nature gave me a little relief; now I have a headache that's four days old and counting. Ketoprofen and ibuprofen haven't touched it (haven't tried aspirin yet, won't bother with Tylenol) but caffeine's helped a bit, so I had a can of Mountain Dew this morning with *lots* of water between sips and a Dr Pepper at lunch.


Horizon Organic single-serve milksWe went to Central Market over the weekend to stock up on bulk spices and pick up a few ingredients for tom kha. We got most of the spices (forgot the sea salt? kosher salt? ask Vogon) and he didn't find what he wanted for the tom kha, but we made a nice find: apple strawberry juice that's almost as good as the strawberry juice from the Los Angeles Farmers Market. Vogon reminded me when we were approaching the Horizon Organic milk so I could try flavors our local grocery stores don't carry. They were out of banana, the current rotating feature flavor, so Laurel and I had orange cream. I'm relieved our local grocery stores only have regular and chocolate single serves or I'd be buying the orange cream in bulk because it tastes like a creamsicle. Mmm.

On the subject of milk, one of Susie Bright's latest blog entries, The Unlikely Lactivist, made me laugh and sigh. Even my itty bitty titties (32A before pregnancy, between an A and a B cup now) did not wave in the breeze when I bared them for feeding, so Margery Eagan thinking Susie Bright's larger breasts did that 15 years ago when she breastfed her daughter during an interview left me trying not to laugh so hard I'd scare the cat. As for the sigh, I accept that I don't understand why people get their knickers in a twist over breastfeeding.

Dave's Gourmet mini hot saucesBack at Central Market, other finds included EO Products organic lavender and aloe lip balm, raspberry and cream granola (all mine, haha), a soft-handled ginger grater, fondue forks chopstick rests for everybody... and the latest issue of Chile Pepper magazine, where I learned that Dave's Insanity Sauce is now available in pocket-size bottles! (And I thought six-packs of travel-size Tabasco sauce were a godsend when I was in the Southeast.)

A gem from the Dave's Gourmet news page: "An Insanity user put the sauce on his terrarium to keep his bird from bothering his turtle. The bird started to make its first trip over to the terrarium. Upon pecking the Insanity Sauce, the bird jumped back to its cage and yelled 'asshole!'."


We caught an episode of Celebrity Reader, a Dallas Schools Television program, featuring a mime. I was confused right away by a mime talking, much less about the importance of obeying your parents (it was so weird I could not make this up), but after the story he asked the kids to repeat a radio station number because they could tune in every night with their parents and listen to his show. I Googled the station number later on and found it was a religious station, so now you know what happens to mimes that talk.

revme, I saw an ad for Sprout during a commercial break on Nick Jr. this morning. Between that and Noggin, I've now got two reasons to upgrade to digital cable... someday.
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