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Denver-area readers, I'd love your input on where Himself and I should go when he's home on leave next month. He's decided we should dress up and have dinner someplace nice, but doesn't like my suggestions.

My sunglasses have now been missing for over a week and I fear that I left them in the car before he drove back to NC. Given the amount of time mail takes out here, if they turn up in the car he can bring them back when he's home in July.

Having insomnia is driving me nuts. I'm not present enough to concentrate on needlework (I'm working on the border of my current piece and 1 str floss/3 str filament requires concentration) or sew (working on a camp shirt), but it's too late for me to set up my paints or read since the light would wake up Laurel.

Speaking of the ankle-biter, I found out earlier tonight she can get one leg up enough to try and climb out of the Graco Pack 'n Play she sleeps in since I haven't had the urge to reassemble her crib since we brought it out to Colorado. Guess it's time for that now. *sigh* As much as I love her, it's a bit frustrating to see her being too smart for her own good -- with the exception of the time she opened a baby-locked cabinet and closed herself in it. (We replaced all the lower cabinet locks with magnetic baby locks shortly afterward.)

Since I also don't feel like messing around in Photoshop or using the keyboard, period (I really should buy something quieter) I think I'll go spend some quality time staring at the ceiling. The Evergreen Rodeo parade is in the morning and I think I'm expected to take photos. Bleh.


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