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Quality needlework time, saving soda promotion codes and fun in the grocery store.

It has to get better after this week -- at least the PMS and trouble sleeping, anyway. I've put off trying a new undereye concealer until the psoriasis flareup around my eyes simmers down, or at least stops burning when I apply Eucerin to the scaly patches. Grr.

I put in some quality time on needlework over the past few days, so digitization of the New World Discovery pattern is just under 50% done (when complete, the design is 272 stitches wide by 203 stitches high; the kit packaging gives an approximate finished size of 16.5"x12.5" on 18-count Aida) and I'm working on the border of the Winnie the Pooh baby announcement I'm doing for a friend whose baby was born just before New Year's.

I've been saving the codes off various soda promotions this summer and entering them at my leisure. It's absurdly entertaining since I use the FlashBlock Mozilla extension, but we actually won something in today's batch of code entries: a coupon for a free 2-liter of 7UP. Whee.

Poking around the less-visited bits of the grocery store paid off today, too. We found Mori-Nu silken tofu for $1 per package sharing markdown space with artificial vanilla blend (not a typo, that's exactly what the packaging said) and assorted kosher products.

We also picked up a copy of the June 2005 Glamour after someone stopped and stared at Debra Messing on the cover. On the bottom center of the Do's and Don'ts page, there's a woman illustrating "too tight brights" that's apparently braless under a tight pink top; I think her visible nipple outline can give my entire rack a run for the money.

It was almost as hysterical as the part of last night's Don and Tasos Show we caught where they were discussing cow-excreta products and one of them sounded honestly confused that cow's milk and urine do not come from the same holes. (Bonus punchline: we were listening to that instead of our local NPR affiliate because Lone Star Saturday Night wasn't grabbing Vogon by the ears.)
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