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Vogon having side effects, clearing a BIOS password, and worse PMS than usual.

Vogon's experiencing some side effects that worry me -- dizziness, nausea, swelling around the eye below the wound, hallucinations which may be related to the concussion *or* the Dramamine II he's taking for the nausea) -- but he's seeing his doctor tomorrow.

I read how to clear a BIOS password today since the one on the computer in Laurel's room somehow got scrambled and rendered the computer unusable. I started by removing the CMOS battery and leaving it out for half an hour -- no dice. Vogon suggested I look for the clear CMOS jumper, so I reread that section of my reference, then moved and restored the jumper positions on the most likely jumpers one at a time, plugged things back in and booted. That did the trick, but also alerted me that the CMOS battery was low. It's a standard size battery (CR2032) but walking anywhere in 90-degree weather with the midget in tow for a ~$3 battery is unappealing so I'll replace it later.

In case it's not painfully obvious, I'm cranky, but not because of sleep issues. I've got an especially nasty round of PMS right now -- bloated, tender and swollen breasts, more easily frustrated than usual, and it seems like Laurel won't shut up. If I was cramping, I could justify taking bitchwort or cohosh, but odds are I'm just going to feel like crap on rye until Mother Nature decides to pull the floodgates.

...And people wonder why I'd gladly trade in my entire reproductive system if anyone/anyplace would take it out.
Tags: 004_computers, sick, vogonpoet

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