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Weekend movies and shopping, PCStitch and going to sleep soundly tonight.

In a comment I made comment early in the weekend, I said that our tentative plans were grocery shopping, a little fabric shopping ($1 Simplicity patterns at Hancock Fabrics this weekend), haircuts, possibly seeing Madagascar and going shopping for some basic summer clothes for Laurel. We did that, although not quite in that order.

Saturday: we made a Blockbuster trip for a bunch of things we could watch as a family: Are We There Yet?, Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events (I loved the books), Racing Stripes, Son of the Mask, and a disc of Powerpuff Girls episodes. We rented Dirty Filthy Love for us after Vogon read the back of the case and told me the main character has OCD and Tourette's, to which I replied "Hey, sounds like my ex!", which earned a funny look from a nearby browser, and Vogon bought Dark City and The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury, anime that bridges the gap between Pitch Black and The Chronicles of Riddick.

After that we popped over to what Laurel calls "the haircut store" for Vogon to get a trim and I talked with a stylist about Laurel chewing on the ends of her chin-length hair, so she now has the same Dorothy Hamill-style wedge hairstyle I had as a kid. Luckily, it's adorable on her. We stopped by the aquarium store on the way home and Laurel went in with Vogon for some small angelfish, a few shrimp and some plants for our bedroom tank. (Two of the three shrimp have since escaped through the gap where tubes and wires come out of the top of the tank behind the light. They're not the brightest inverts.) Later on, we went by Hancock Fabrics where I picked up a couple of patterns, some sale notions and a few prints to make Laurel sundresses with.

Sunday: We watched movies and Vogon and Laurel napped alternately, then we all went out late in the afternoon to Goodwill for a couple pairs of shorts (and several very cute dresses) for Laurel. While there, Vogon found a schoolgirl skirt in my size that he thought would look great on me and I spotted a bright-colored sundress that looked about my size. We found after we got home that the touristy tropical fish print was cut in such a way the phrase "Gem of the Caribbean" falls across my lower pelvis. I'll probably post photos of that in my journal in the next week or so. Heh. While Laurel and I took a long time to finish dinner after that, Vogon popped over to adjacent stores for a 50-lb bag of play sand for Laurel's table and a bag of cat food. He called while checking out to say we'd have to run home before the movie, but not because of the sand. When he pulled in to pick us up, I saw why -- he'd bought a cat tower that filled the back seat to Laurel's booster seat. Laurel later excitedly told her grandma and aunt that Vogon had bought a cathouse and they laughed when I said "it's a cat TREE, not a cathouse!".

Madagascar was hilariously funny, aside from the periodically noisy infant sitting behind Vogon. We dissolved in giggles at the lemurs' introduction scene -- it needed glow sticks. During a crucial plot scene with dialogue between the zebra and the lion where I leaned over and told Vogon it would be a lot funnier if the lion had Tourette's, which had us both giggling so hard we hard a hard time containing ourselves. It was disconcerting to realize that we were the only people in the theater that laughed at my two favorite jokes in the movie -- "billions and billions" (if you don't get that, google Carl Sagan) and the National Geographic Explorer theme music -- but I'd like to blame it on the theater being mostly kids. It makes me want to donate all my spare change to PBS because I found it sad that the kids were laughing after their adults at the non-sight gags and the NGE theme really was quite clever.

We made a quick stop at Walgreen's on the way back and scored some more water bombs (the package says "drench bombs") and an inflatable ring for Laurel to take to the pool and plan to make another small shopping trip later for sand toys now that her table's refilled.

Monday: more movies, followed by grocery shopping after dinner, where I was delighted to find Kroger has store-brand granola bars with yogurt on the bottom that taste almost as good as Luna Bars and Vogon picked up two pints of blackberries. *swoons in foodie happiness* And around 0130 that night, Vogon took that header in the bathroom I already wrote about.

In other news, I've been putting in some serious time in PCStitch to get New World Discovery into .pat format as my original paper copy of the pattern is wearing out and it has the strikes against it of being out of print and being sold as a kit, so the chart is nearly impossible to find. I'm about 40% done and if I keep up my pace, I hope to post here and in a few communities once I'm done and ready to share.

Once M*A*S*H is over tonight (the local rerun of it just started season 10 and tonight's the second half of the season opener, "That's Show Biz") I plan to crash and get a sound night's sleep.
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