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While downloading Sasha's 2002 album Airdrawndagger from iTunes, I noticed the iTunes Store listed an album for him that I didn't even vaguely recognize. A quick check at Amazon didn't bring it up (because it wasn't by him, see below) but I found out he's got a new album, Fundacion, slated for US release on 21 June. *swoons*

The mystery album, Percussionata Project, is by a different Sasha that's a classical guitarist. I poked around Apple Support for awhile but didn't see a way to report to them that the album neither belongs in the electronic genre nor is it by the Sasha it's associated with in the iTunes Store.

Note to Vogon: I know I mentioned the the Verve Remixed series to you today; you might be tickled to know each volume has a counterpart in the Verve Unmixed series. It's so clever it might hurt.


Today's mail check yielded an order of cross-stitch patterns from Fantasy Crafts I'd made as a slightly belated Mother's Day splurge. My loot: Teresa Wentzler's limited-edition "You Were Hatched...", Dragon Dreams' "Tooth Fairy Pillows", and  Dragon Fire Designs' "Family" and "Together" ("Friend" rounds out their American Sign Series patterns; I'll track a copy down later).

I was confused when I found three sheets where I expected the invoice to be, but was pleasantly surprised to find two were freebie designs: "Morning Fairy" from Dragon Dreams, which makes me giggle ("I don't do cute before coffee") and will be on their samples page on 12/31/2005, and "Wanna Trade?" from Cross-Eyed Kat, which is as cute as a bug and I'll probably stitch up as a tin topper in the near future.


I went down to the vending machine by the pool to get caffeine earlier tonight (it's time to go grocery shopping; I'll pay $1 for a 20 oz. bottle of Coke when my choices are caffeine or migraine) and the frelling machine jammed while dispensing the Coke. I didn't have an extra dollar bill on me, so I took Vogon's soda upstairs and left it for him while I went back down to get my sodas (I had to buy a second bottle to get both out of the machine) and check the mail. When I came back, he hadn't even noticed his drink sitting there! Space cadet. (;


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(Deleted comment)
May. 26th, 2005 04:41 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the recommendation! I was planning to buy one out of curiosity -- probably Vol. 2 since the reviews on Amazon.com lean toward it being the best of the series -- followed by the others if I liked it. It's unlikely I'd be disappointed since I love jazz on its own and frequently listen to remixed chants (Industrial Monk) and opera (Operatica).
May. 26th, 2005 10:29 am (UTC)
Totally unrelated to what you posted, Emily and I made muffin-paper crayons last night. They came out great, and we had a terrific time making them.

I just wanted to let you know again how cool you are for stuff like that. *hug*
May. 26th, 2005 08:12 pm (UTC)
Like the other half of my brain!
I was just listening to the Exilia album I just bought two days ago for like the fourth or fifth time (someone stop me from hitting the play button over and over again!), and I got the urge to hit your LJ and talk music and a quick scan of your music shows a bunch of stuff I've been torturing the people at work with :)

I brought in a disc with some more "normal" selections, mostly rock (cold, UPO, the RATM hip hop covers from Renegades), but I couldn't help myself, I had to sneak in Poe ("Walk the Walk," "Hey Pretty," "Could've gone wild"). "Control" is stuck in my head too.

Yeah, and I went on an amazon.com on-click buying binge the other night and bought everything BT ever released on a CD, U.S. version, not counting a couple compilation CD's and the Monster soundtrack. I finally have a good quality version of "Giving up the Ghost" :)

So, to come full circle on what clicked... one of those albums I bought from BT has a remix he did with Sasha of a Madonna song... "Drowned World/Substitute for Love." I almost don't want to get the turntable part of the radio PC working for fear of how much vinyl I'll put on my plastic :)

Oh and I got that deepsky CD I lost way back... I'd been wanting to hear "Stargazer" for soooooooo long.

Yeah, I should probably stop typing and hit post, it feels like I just had a musical multiple orgasm....
May. 26th, 2005 08:38 pm (UTC)
You might get a kick out of the music video for "Straight Ahead" by Tube and Berger.


It's got dancing 200-foot scuba guys :)
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