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Friday started out as a normal night, aside from me being too lazy to cook so I chose to make a turkey roast. Himself came home later than usual for dinner, but it turned out that he was off for the night (w00t!). Naturally, I was online and made him wait until I was done to call Jake.

Between how long I was online and Laurel being unusually hyper (and awake late), we got onto base to pick up Jake around 0130 and when the gate guard looked in at Laurel, instead of saying "Hi!" like I'd told her to, she laughed and yelled "Bye bye!". My kid is nuts. We eventually wound up at Wal-Mart and working around the areas where the floor was being buffed/cleaned/whatever, during which I finally acquired two nice aluminum 24x36" poster frames ($15 ea.) for the living room, we looked at the Wilton cookie cutter set I wanted, and Jake decided he needed fudge-covered Oreos and Jell-O cups (he was minorly manic too).

On our way out, we ran into a guy that reminded me of the dorky blonde sidekick guy from Starship Troopers. He started talking to the guys; turned out he was a former supervisor of both of them (Jake's former twice). Once he started talking at Laurel, I was torn between whether he was drunk or just kinda stupid, but we all giggled when Laurel ignored him and blew at him ("Hey man, she blew you off!"). Jake later said the guy had probably had the better part of a case of beer before running into us. Bleh.

Jake "needed" McDonald's on the way home, so I was minorly amazed when we saw the drive-thru line at the McDonald's on Berkeley (closer to base than the other McD's in town) going halfway around the building. We wound up heading out to the one on Wayne Memorial so Jake could get his stinking Big Mac and we got Laurel some fries... she fell asleep in them on the way home.

After getting home, the guys put Laurel into bed and stood around in the kitchen talking. While they were doing that, I got the two vintage North Face posters Betty (Himself's mom) gave us into frames and up in the living room. I'll have to take photos of them -- we've got three guys (including Conrad Anker) on Torre Egger, Argentina over the computer and several (didn't recognize any names offhand) on Gremlin's Head, Cordillera Sarmiento, Chile over the end of the couch. It's swank and has inspired me to finally measure and finish valances for the living room. Picked up the thread for it finally, so I might as well. (:


Because of the late Friday night activities, we were still up before Elmo's World Happy Holidays was to start on local PBS, so we switched the antenna to the VCR to tape it. Aside from two several-minute punctuations for begging, it was insanely funny. I'll type up our sleep-deprived blow-by-blow of it later. If you want the whole thing, you'll have to buy the video or DVD -- the segment before the second begging break had a "coming up" bit and then PBS went from the break drectly into the start of the Angelina Ballerina holiday special. Bleh.

After that, Himself kept his promise to take Jose to Raleigh (accompanying Cassar and some people I didn't know) and took Laurel with. I slept in until mid-afternoon, but did get a little cleaning done, although I'd hoped to do more. Didn't hook up to go see movieness with Rich (we'd tentatively planned to see Star Trek: Nemesis in Greenville), but by the time they returned with Jose after 2100, I almost missed Laurel. Didn't hear much about their activities other than the Streets at Southpoint were a big letdown and Laurel was well-behaved at lunch.

We had pizza for dinner and I played around with the Monsters Inc. PS2 game (Himself exchanged the broken one Babbage's sold us for credit toward purchasing a new one), then Himself ran Jose home and returned to watch Saturday Night Live with me. It was well worth it to see Al Gore, although it was kinda surreal to see him introduce Phish. If you missed it, be sure to see the rerun just for the cartoon -- it's a parody of Charlie Brown holiday specials and includes a hysterical transformation of Marcie and Peppermint Patty.


Sunday was cheerfully relaxed, but around 1400-ish, Himself wanted to go out. And so we did... because we needed more spermicide and K-Y has apparently discontinued K-Y Plus (it was the cheapest 3% nonoxyl-9 lube on the market and at least $4 less than the Ortho equivalent in 2 or 3% concentration), we had a hell of a time finding anything with spermicide in it locally. Finally located the expensive Ortho 2 and 3% tubes at $14 apiece at the CVS on Wayne Memorial. Bleh.

Afterward we wandered through Wal-Mart (appliance lightbulbs, a comb to stay permanently in the master bathroom, misc. sundries) and Target (Laurel's Christmas gift from us -- a generic wooden-track train setup) before settling on dinner at Texas Steakhouse. I highly recommend their Hershey bar brownie, even if we maybe made it halfway through between Himself and I. It's luscious. And chocolate. (:

And now I'm online posting this, so there.


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Dec. 16th, 2002 02:48 pm (UTC)
Re: Are Some Products UnSharable?
Actually, K-Y Plus expires. Check the crimp on the end of the tube for the lot number and expiration date; if it's expired you should throw it out. We were actually in search of spermicide because while our own tube was nearly half full, it expires this month and we do not want any more children.

I love Peanuts too, which made the spoof even funnier -- the upshot of it is that the kids find that they can make things change by waving their arms (it starts with them gathering around Charlie Brown's droopy little tree and turning it into a fuller, fully decked out one) and they go around changing things (a beat-up old car into a Ferrari, Woodstock's birdbath into a hot tub, Schroder on piano and Pigpen on the double bass into Phish, etc.) until Linus comes out and asks whether this has anything to do with the spirit of Christmas. After that the kids turn everything back (or almost everything, I'm not positive on that) and Charlie Brown says goodbye to everything they turn back. What set me off laughing was his "goodbye, hot lesbians" to the bikini-clad girls that Marcie and Peppermint Patty turned into.

Fast food is always good. My water broke just after we'd gotten Chinese takeout, so I spent several hours able to smell (bad timing for that, eh?) crab wantons and stuff that had come down with us but I wasn't allowed to eat. If I hadn't gotten an epidural nine hours after we got there, I would have gotten out of bed myself and eaten it anyway since by the time I finally got some pain relief I'd been awake for 25 hours and eaten just once (McShaker salad, bleh).
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