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Laurel's own flashlight, strange Sunday, Songs To Wear Pants To and Ordinary Basil archive.

One good thing that came from the power outage: Laurel has her own flashlight and our sizable stash of rechargeable batteries should keep it going until the bulb wears out. Now I have to find where I stashed my mini-Maglite to keep her from playing with it.

Sunday was several flavors of strange. I was woken up by an ill midget (short-lived bug, I've got it today), talked to techno1992, agreed to tag along swimming and pretty much got left there with Laurel (feeling better by then) after Vogon wandered away from the pool noise for a phone call, talked to Mom, and later called revme to share the awful fascination I felt after reading about Saturday Night Fiedler.

Browsing Songs To Wear Pants To made me think of todcra.

Past strips in the Ordinary Basil storyline that's been running in Non Sequitur on Sundays may be loved (to death) here:
Tags: 741.5_cartoons_and_comics, 780_music, laurel

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