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Miss my commenting yesterday? So did I. We had a significant power outage.

I usually get the bulk of my LJ reading and commenting knocked out in the afternoon, but I missed that by a long shot yesterday. Rolling brownouts started just before 1500, then the power went out entirely at 1539. It came back about two hours later, when the local ABC affiliate reported an early version of the story quoted below, followed by intermittent brownouts before the power went out again just before dusk. That prompted us to make a quick trip out for fuel canisters and mantles for our Coleman lantern. The power was back when we returned home around 2130 and only went out once during the night, when the shrill power-on beep of our smoke detectors startled me awake.



Fire leads to N. Dallas power outage
10:18 PM CDT on Friday, May 20, 2005

Fire at an electrical substation knocked out power to part of far North Dallas Friday afternoon as temperatures climbed into the low 90s.

The substation, at Gibbons Drive and Haverwood Lane, is located just south of the intersection of the Dallas North Tollway and President George Bush Turnpike.

Drivers and neighbors said they heard a loud explosion around 3 p.m., saw the smoke and quickly called 911.

Dallas Fire-Rescue units quickly arrived on the scene, but they let the fire in a large transformer burn while they waited for advice on how best to handle the situation.

Electrical service was cut off at Addison Airport, but the facility continued to operate on emergency power.

A TXU spokesperson said 25,000 customers were left without power at the peak of the outage; but as of 9 p.m. power had been restored to all of those who were affected.
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