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Photos: Mother's Day card and gifts.

I offered earlier in the week to post photos of the Mother's Day card Laurel gave me and the gifts from Vogon, minus the roses. (I think "a dozen red roses" is descriptive enough without a gratuitous photo.)

Vogon told me that he guided Laurel to the Mother's Day cards to pick one. (If you don't direct her, she'll pick from whatever she's looking at -- when she and I picked out the Mother's Day cards to send to relatives, she kept choosing graduation cards adjacent to the cards we were choosing from.) She grabbed this one right away. He encouraged her to keep looking, but she wanted this one. Smart kid.

Laurel tends to write the first letter sound of each word instead of whole words right now, hence the 'u' superimposed over the 'l' in 'love'. Vogon spelled the words out for her.

Another sign he's a keeper: after listening to me talk about the Nielsen Norman Group pantheon of usability deities, he decided Don Norman's books Things That Make us Smart: Defending Human Attributes in the Age of the Machine and The Psychology of Everyday Things would make an excellent gift as well as be books we'll both enjoy reading and discussing afterward.

Pardon my awkwardness at photographing myself, the earrings should be the focus of the photo. For scale, they're about the diameter of a pencil eraser.
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