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With the new hard drive installed (thank you, Vogon!), I'm looking at what CDs of his I'd like to import tracks from into iTunes to feed my various musical cravings. I've only imported a Lamb album so far, but I've got discs by Sasha Lazard, Dido, Kylie Minogue, Paul Oakenfold, Namie Amuro, Leonard Cohen, Royal Crown Revue and the Spirited Away soundtrack sitting on my desk. Recommendations of artists or albums and donations of tracks from the TMBG albums I no longer have copies of (Himself left me No!; I've since acquired Here Come The ABCs, reacquired Long Tall Weekend, and revme sent me a bunch of rarities and B-sides) are gladly accepted.


I unintentionally added to some drama in menstrual_cups by commenting to someone upset because they feel Diva International's financial support to women's health groups may be funding abortions. As I see it, they made a big fuss about their perceived moral outrage to get something for free -- in their reply to my comment, they said "I don't care. It's amazing how much getting something you really wanted for free soothes feelings." If all she wanted was a free cup, why didn't she just post or comment that she really wanted one but couldn't afford it? I don't think I'm the only person in there that would offer to buy one for an interested person. (For those of you just tuning in, I've bought five DivaCups in the past year for fellow LiveJournal users.) I don't understand how moral outrage can be turned to indifference for $30.

I accept that there are some things that I won't understand.

Out of this, I want to share with you my personal commitment to women's health.

- If you ask me for unbiased information related to reproductive health, I'll point you to links or write you up a summary with citations.
- If you want to know what I use for birth control, menstrual issues or feminine hygiene, ask me and I will reply honestly and completely along with my reasons for those choices. I may put some of those replies behind an LJ cut and/or friends-only security to give readers a choice of whether or not they want to read details or possibly graphic content.
- If you become pregnant, I will not judge you or any decision you make with regards to your pregnancy. If you ask for help, I will do what I can to provide it for you and/or give you contact information for organizations that can also provide assistance.
- If you are geographically near me (i.e., Dallas area) and ask me to accompany you to a women's health appointment, I will make myself available to spend that time with you.


Fellow Flybabies will be pleased to hear that I finally bought a pair of lace-up shoes to wear after having only sandals, clogs and a pair of lug-soled Mary Janes since I moved to Dallas. Now I have to find good cotton socks since I borrowed a pair of the nerdsprout's socks the first day I wore shoes and had a minor flareup on my feet. *thinks non-itchy thoughts*


Note to Vogon: PODS® Potty Trainer, the disposable absorbent pads I found that get cool when wet awhile back are $27.95 for 57 pads in the Leaps and Bounds catalog.

Also spotted there: Shoes Clues, stickers to put in kids' shoes to help distinguish left and right three different ways, a fireplace gas valve safety cover, door finger guards, Wall Pockets (this would be a brilliant wall decoration -- it could hold photos of family and friends as well as small pieces of her artwork), tons of neat bathroom things... rather than keep running on, I requested a print catalog so I can keep an earmarked copy by my desk. (:


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May. 11th, 2005 09:33 pm (UTC)
I love the Leaps and Bounds catalog. We get it every month or two.

I want the Nighttime training aids. We're working on nighttime dryness with Michael right now, which at this point is me going and waking him up every night about 11 or 12 and telling him to go to the bathroom. :)
May. 12th, 2005 01:53 am (UTC)
Music-wise -- you might check this mp3 out, if you missed the link from my journal: http://owlstretching.blogspot.com/2005/05/new-sufjan-stevens-album-in-july.html

Which Namie Amuro album is it? A friend of mine had Concentration 20, which I mostly thought was pretty awesome.

For other recommendations, the new Of Montreal CD is pretty cool. Actually, you might want to keep an eye on my journal soon, because I'm going to post a thing going through most/all of the CDs I just bought, so.. yeah. Some recommendations in there, probably. The new NIN is OK, though. Probably need to listen to it again, though, but I don't like it as much as I did the Fragile.

Also, yeah, that did seem a little weird with the whole "Hey, free stuff!" thing. Though I was a little confused on it -- someone else emailed the manufacturer and got the "No! Abortions are icky!" email, and that person then passed the link around, where the Free-Stuff-Gettin-Lady saw it, was all "Buh-whee?" and emailed/called the manufacturer to get confirmation/denial w/r/t the "Abortions == Icky" email, where they said "No, that's just a loose cannon" and sent her a free thing? I'm still a little confused from her posts whether or not she herself thought Abortions Were Icky, since, well, on one hand, her comments seemed to kind of imply that she was, but if she was, it seems kinda weird that she'd flip out so much if a company _agreed_ with her. (Unless it was the General Principle Thing Of Businesses Keeping Out Of Politics, Even Those I Agree With. Which I could appreciate. Though, do find it OK when folks agree with me, heh.)

May. 12th, 2005 02:47 am (UTC)
I saw the post, just hadn't checked out the link yet. The description of the Michigan album has just about sold me on buying it on blind faith. Have I shared the Langley Schools Music Project album with you? It's weird but oddly addictive... and the review at Pitchfork had me laughing and nodding in agreement.

The Namie Amuro album on my desk is Dance Tracks Vol. 1, but Vogon may have others; the stuff sitting on my desk is just things that looked interesting from the stack of CDs next to the bed. I haven't looked at the CDs in stack by the door, in the study or his CD binder yet.

The chick that got the free cup initiated the situation. She e-mailed Diva International to ask if any of the women's health groups they donate to fund abortions, recieved the "No! Abortions are icky!" (great summary, BTW) e-mail from a single employee, and posted it to prolife. Someone else read it and made the post at menstrual_cups, followed by calling the company and updating the post with the "we have no position" response they got; the chick that got the free cup just commented there and isn't a member of the community.
May. 12th, 2005 02:57 am (UTC)
Yeah -- the album description had me interested, and the mp3 basically had me sold. (And the Illinois album title is awesome.) Also, it helps that I know the guy who posted it, and we've got pretty similar tastes, so... yeah.

I've heard of the Langley Schools project, but haven't heard them. And at first I thought it might have been the Retarded Kids, but that's the Kids of Widney High, and that the Langley Schools one is The One That's Actually Good, so, yeah, I'll have to totally check that out. Especially because I actually _like_ a lot of the songs they're doing. (Which always makes it good, since a lot of times, that kind of stuff seems to be more Kitschy Songs rather than actually good ones, so.. yeah.)

Also -- if you're so inclined, maybe posting some of the CDs you've got access to that aren't sure about could be awesome. Also, you should check out the Fastbacks if you haven't already. They're awesome. (But then I'd think that, since it's Kurt Bloch's (of the Fellows/Sgt. Major) band. I'm listening to them right now, going through some of the old mp3s I ripped from the CDs I've got, and it's like "man, why didn't I listen to this all the time when I got it?" I think it's mainly because when I got it, I basically got all the Fastbacks CDs in a clump, since I'd gotten one or two of the albums and listened to them over and over. And so, too many choices and all.

Ah, OK, I think I got it now. That makes a bit more sense, now.
May. 12th, 2005 05:23 am (UTC)
i have to say, i love that about you. you're open and honest and willing to share information...cause forewarned is forearmed. and you don't judge. it's impossible to get into heads, to tell what they need, you don't get all pope like on them. *hugs*
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