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Forum evening session tomorrow night, Mother's Day in brief.

Tomorrow night is the evening session of my Landmark Forum. I have a lot I'd like to say about my Forum experience, but I'll post about that later. If any of you in the Dallas area would like to attend a Forum Introduction tomorrow night, there will be one from 7:30-10:45PM in the North Dallas/Addison area; e-mail or call me for more details.


We didn't go out for Mother's Day because I was in the Forum all day, but Vogon surprised me when I got in on Saturday night with roses, cards from him and Laurel, and a very pretty pair of earrings. I'll post photos of Laurel's card (it's very cute, she picked it out and he spelled the words she wanted for her to write in it) and the earrings later on if anyone's interested.
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