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Killing time waiting for photo printing and other adventures in running errands with Laurel.

To further readying things to go in the mail this week, we put in some digital photos for one-hour printing at Walgreens after lunch. I was told it might take a few hours but I was ready for that possibility, so we popped over to the bank and spent over an hour in Kroger.

Highlights include:
- Being thanked by a lady in the bathroom for reminding her of when her daughter was younger (Laurel was afraid of falling into the toilet so I reassured her she couldn't fall in while I was holding her up),
- Laurel solemnly telling a younger girl not to put a toothbrush in her mouth until it came out of the package while we were looking at bubble bath and facial masks, and
- Calling Mom from the greeting card aisle to confer on whether it would be better to get Grandma a Mother's Day card in English or Spanish.

We found a nice bench outside after checking out where Laurel ate a banana and some sugar-free gummy bears while I addressed the cards and had a drink... speaking of which, the new limited edition Mint Mocha flavor Frappucino is like crack.

Our photos were coming off the printer as we approached the photo counter at Walgreen's and the technician laughed at a print of Laurel looking through her hands, so I think I made a good choice in photos to go in this year's Mother's Day cards. (The other photo going in them is a close-up shot I took of her last week.)

About halfway through the walk home, Laurel announced she had to use the potty _right then_. She jogged half the length of the block after I told her we'd get home sooner if she walked faster, then slowed down and told me she needed to rest and maybe sing. I think we surprised a maintenance man coming out of a building on the other side of the fence with our enthusiastic rendition of the Sesame Street theme, but we made it home without a potty accident and Biko has been loving up on me since I walked in. She hasn't sat on my lap in weeks and now she's even tight on my heels when I go to the bathroom. Hee.
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