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Simplicity Lizzie McGuire patterns in little girls' sizes, Fat Albert and huge burrito =/= weapon.

While taking a quick look at Simplicity's website for a link I wanted to include in a comment yesterday, I noticed on their front page that they've added toddler sizes to their Lizzie McGuire Collection.

In particular, patterns 4522 and 4563 have sizes 6 months to girls' 6. Laurel and I looked at the pattern envelope fronts on the website and she loves the skirts in 4563, so I'll add it to my running list of patterns to consider when Simplicity patterns are on sale.  4721 has cute dresses in a size range that would allow me to make matching mother/daughter dresses... *thinks* Maybe not.


Vogon picked out a movie Laurel and I really enjoyed watching together: Fat Albert. He was surprised that I'd loved the cartoon so much (don't know why he was, but hey) and picked up a DVD of the cartoons for me to watch when he returned the two-day rentals from Sunday.


Does anyone else find the 30-inch burrito story hysterically funny? I didn't even see it mentioned on the local news here, but they're usually too busy repeating the top stories several times and talking about sports. If I could customize TV news for what I'd like to see, sports coverage would... well, never mind. I would have laughed myself sick if any of the local news anchors had said "a school went into lockdown after a possible weapon sighting that turned out to be a 30-inch burrito...". The targeted advertisements following that story would have to be from Chipotle and Freebirds (one of their shirts reads "unwrap my monster"). Hee.
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