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Miscellaneous complaining. Disregard at will.

So far, today has simply underscored an increasingly depressing week. I hope that after Vogon gets in tonight, he can keep an eye on Laurel for a bit so I can take a nap or at least just close myself in the bedroom and plug my ears for awhile. (I know I don't deserve the break, but I would really like some time to close my eyes without having Laurel in my face when I open them. Heh, that just summed up the last four and a half years in a single sentence.)

I need to find a way to anchor Vogon's grapes from tipping over at the slightest breeze. My current theoretical solution is to place the pots in a windowbox-sized flowerpot to keep them together but with plenty of space, then fill in around them them with flat glass marbles (used in flower arrangements) since we have them in spades around here.

Laurel's behavior has generally stunk this week, but I did get one satisfying moment out of it. While she was tantruming and kicking her way through naptime yesterday, I heard her bed moving (the frame is open at two ends in the absence of head and footboards, so the mattress set can be easily pushed away from the wall) so I went in and pushed the mattress back into place, trapping her foot against the wall. I told told her to think about being stuck the next time she wanted to move the bed, then helped her get her foot out. I'm not sure whether to put the mattress set on the floor (easy, but I'm concerned that the lack of air circulation beneath the box spring would encourage fungal/mold growth) or replace the bed frame. Something needs to be done since disciplining her every time she moves the bed isn't getting any results and I'm fed up with the situation. If money was no issue, I'd replace it with a twin-size captain's bed so she'd have usable storage underneath the bed and more floor space since the bed currently in there is full-size.

I need to figure out how to install the new-to-me hard drive (I have a PDF copy of the installation manual, but I'm not confident about poking around my computer's innards) so I can get my computer to recognize the DVD/CD drive again. I have several discs' worth of stuff to burn and send (including discs of photos to go in Mother's Day cards to relatives) and I'm stumped since the hard drive installation manual helpfully tells me to boot from CD.

Dad included a check in the latest package of miscellaneous stuff from them with an admonition to spend it on myself. Since I used the modest amount I'd earmarked for not having to justify what I spent it on for the Model M keyboard I bought on eBay, I'm thinking about putting half of it in savings (I put away 10% of every paycheck into savings when I was married and living with Himself only to see it disappear every time he got mad at me, but this account is ONLY in my name on it so there won't be any surprises) and spending the other half on something fun I can share with Laurel, like some bubble bath samples.

I caught a glimpse of myself in the shower this morning and was surprised to see my undereye circles are as dark as bruises. (Yes, it's possible to use our bathrooms with their giant-arse mirrors all the time without looking in the mirror. It also helps to be sufficiently nearsighted that all I can see in the mirror after I get out of the shower until I put my glasses on are amorphous shapes that I can only discern skin, hair and robe by color.) It's time to find a concealer I can afford (read: under $20) that can actually cover them up without irritating my skin in case I go out of the house with Vogon. (It doesn't matter with just Laurel, people assume you're crazy anyway after watching you cross a four-plus-lane road at a lighted crosswalk with a preschooler in tow. *wry grin*) I overcompensated for it by putting thought into wearing an outfit Vogon would like, but it turned out to be a waste of a clean pair of fancy undies. At least I found the dark blue lacy boyshorts I thought I'd lost -- apparently they fell off the foot of the bed in some past laundry-folding session, along with a t-shirt and a bathrobe tie that'd been AWOL for months.

I would really like some bread to eat the aseptic-packaged spinach dip that's been languishing in the fridge and taunting me. After the second day of lunch in sans Vogon and Laurel puking intermittently all morning, it's the only food that looks even vaguely appetizing. I don't want to take her out for the walk to the grocery store if she's still sick, so I'll just go without. It won't kill me to miss a meal.
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