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Photos: our container/patio garden.

I talked about photographing our container/patio garden earlier this month but waited for a few things I repotted to perk up and the sun to stay out long enough for some good lighting (tricky after the recent rain here).

Starting in the bedroom, where a few plants are on the windowsill:

A pot of grass for Biko, two pots of epazote seedlings, and an amaryllis. The amaryllis bloomed twice in December and looked lovely.

Going outside, the first plant along the railing from the bedroom door is in a hanging pot.

It's catnip, kept safely out of reach from short creatures. (If Laurel could reach it, she would want to pick it for Biko, who prefers dried & crumbled herb.) It's been repotted from two small pots we started from seed earlier this year.

Running from the bedroom door along the railing are a variety of plants...

...starting with basil and rosemary. We started the basil last year and it was ready for a larger pot; the rosemary was purchased and not holding water well, so I repotted it and found it exceptionally rootbound. It's recovering better than I expected it to be at this point.

Next we have a pineapple Vogon started from a fruit top, three cabernet grapes he recently bought, and a pot of lavender.

This Mexican lime produced fruit last year (photo in this post). It's currently suffering from scale and being treated with a food-safe spray (its active ingredients are pyrethrine and canola oil). I hope to see it produce fruit again this year, but getting rid of the scale is most important.

The other Mexican lime, which hasn't produced fruit yet as far as I know, and a tangerine Vogon grew from seed.

The hibiscus Vogon bought earlier this month because he hadn't seen that color bloom since he spent some time in Panama.

One of the hibiscus blooms up close. (Yes, that's my hand.)

We have a few plants that are closer to the building than the railing:

The lemon thyme we picked up on Sunday, repotted into the other hanging basket. The blown glass sphere above it is a hummingbird feeder.

A kalanchoe Laurel picked out on the same shopping trip as the lemon thyme. It will come inside and be on Laurel's table once she goes a whole day with 100% potty usage again. (She was there earlier this month; I'm sure she'll be there again soon.)

Vogon's prized Thai pepper. It's a little leggy right now but produces fruit like nothing I've ever seen.

And now for something completely different:

I know it's not a plant, but I found this pretty acrylic wind spinner at Walgreens and was tickled it rung up at half price. I'm amazed to have found something so pretty and dramatic (it's about 24" high) for a song.
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