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Playing cards, Landmark Forum, cat toys, a mail find and patio musing, and some recent media links.

Vogon bought a set of clay poker chips, cards &c. awhile back with plans to teach me how to be a better poker player. (Any improvement would help.) We played rummy on Saturday night after refreshing ourselves on the rules; he did much better than me pointswise, but said I must have gotten some luck from my abuela the card shark. I'm trying to get into it although I'd rather be playing Fluxx or 1000 Blank White Cards.

He also made me an offer to do the Landmark Forum course this spring that would be silly of me to refuse -- he'd pay the tuition and watch Laurel if I promise to really listen and participate and decline future courses. I did a Forum Introduction in spring 2002 but didn't do the Forum that summer after a snafu with on-base tax preparation caused our return to not be filed and I'd budgeted for the tuition cost to come out of the expected refund, so this is a generous offer from Vogon and a good opportunity for me.

Laurel and I picked out a bungee toy for Biko during our foray to Petsmart over the weekend. I installed it on the closet door between my desk and the door to the study and frequently find myself reaching over and playing with it. At one point I let the mouse go and it shot up over the bracket and wound around it, so I had to get up and untangle it lest Biko find it missing and 'scold' me for making her toy inaccessible! The highlight of the trip for me was making another customer laugh when I told Laurel to put down a ball-and-track toy with the admonition "Put that down, you got stuck in one of those the last time you played with it!".

While I was sorting the junk mail out at the trashcan by the mailboxes this afternoon, Laurel was looking for shiny things around the package mailboxes and found a key! It wasn't a package mailbox key and it wasn't ours, so we took it over to the complex office where Laurel proudly handed it to a surprised-looking staffer. She offered the shiny rock she also found to the grounds maintenance worker we passed outside, but he said no thanks. We thanked him for his work before heading back up to open our mail (I gave her a Harry & David catalog) and return to tidying the patio. It's cloudy and dark so I don't think I'll photograph the plants today, but I washed her water table toys, repotted a lemon thyme we picked up yesterday in a hanging basket and smiled the whole time I used the new hose with my Sunny Patch sprayer. If you like David Kirk's Miss Spider books, the product line is as cute as a button. Laurel has the rain boots, garden apron and gloves, and the flashlight from the line, but the sprayer is mine! *cue evil laughter*

Interesting recent media:
- Penguins going through security at Denver International Airport (thanks to RQE for the heads-up).
- In the May 2005 Scientific American: His Brain, Her Brain, How to Listen to Birds, and When Medicine Meets Literature. And one I missed from the April issue, because I love Edward Tufte: The Feynman-Tufte Principle.
- "Time has stopped in Okinawa's jazz clubs", 20 April 2005 Christian Science Monitor.
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