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Missed Enterprise, feeder birds, and the weirdest Spongebob stickers ever.

I screwed up earlier tonight when Vogon took a nap and I forgot to wake him in time for Enterprise. In my defense, I was learning that Benadryl and Tavist taken too close together makes me light-headed and spacey, though I'm glad it worked after my usual nasal sprays barely made a dent in blasting the sinuses on the left side of my head into draining. Luckily, the episode will be rebroadcast at 2100 Sunday.

He was getting Biko all wound up with a feather toy earlier tonight when I commented that it'd be interesting if there were feeder birds available, like feeder fish, at the pet store. He replied, "Like finches?" *ahem*

A sticker machine gave me the most unintentionally sexual stickers of Spongebob Squarepants I've ever seen.

Tags: 616.212_sinusitis, 791.45_television, 817_humor, cat-biko

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