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Andrea Dworkin died earlier this month and I didn't notice any mention of it on my LJ Friends list.

A lot of the memorials I've read go to either extreme, but Susie Bright wrote a particularly well-balanced tribute. The Salon.com article "The passion of Andrea Dworkin" is interesting but I found it a bit unsettling to wade through.

When I told Vogon that Andrea Dworkin had died, he replied "Who?". She may be remembered by some as an angry, bitter caricature, but her work is still worth reading at least once.


On a completely unrelated note, I am moderately cranky about my feet. It's been two weeks since I finished the course of antibiotics and they're still covered in itchy spots/splotches (they were fading but flared up like a mofo last weekend), extremely sensitive and swollen. They hurt whenever I stand, walk or sit without putting them up and go numb on the soles when I lie down.

My regular sandals (Teva Pretty Rugged Leather) are starting to cut into my feet when I wear them and my spare sandals with extra wiggle room (Birkenstock Milano, seen in the userpic for this post) are in Colorado. I'm debating asking someone to send them my way 'cause I don't have anything else to wear here without socks.

What color nail polish would play down the splotching on my feet?


Apr. 25th, 2005 02:46 am (UTC)
Like I said in my reply to oracleofdoom's comment, blog_of_death reported it on the 15th but I somehow missed it.

I'm sad to hear Rodney Anonymous won't be updating for awhile.

The splotching ranges from dark pink spots to fading bits ranging in shade from that to just barely darker than my skin. I don't think I currently have a shade that comes anywhere near any of them, although my former regular toe color (jane's Foxy) is almost the same color as the dark pink spots. Maybe I should try the wacky stuff I have that looks pink or blue depending on the viewing angle (Sky Blue-Pink from Orly).
Apr. 25th, 2005 02:52 am (UTC)
Rodney actually did update this weekend (not with an update on his situation, but a rant about some Appalachian on NPR), so maybe he's just going to do updates when he can squeeze them in. (I think it's taking a toll on him, though, since the Appalachian Lady Rant doesn't really seem to make a whole lot of sense; it seems that he just decided to go off on her, and it's not really too awfully clear as to why.)


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