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New music: bunch of electronic stuff, Old 97's, cartoon themes and Spirited Away soundtrack.

The few times we've been to Freebirds, we've gone to CD World afterward since it's next door. As we were heading out to the car after lunch there today, Laurel asked "Are we going to the CD store?". I started explaining that we don't always go in there after lunch at Freebirds, but Vogon said "Why not?".

We started listening to Perfecto Presents... the Club on the way home, but he took that and the other CDs he picked out with him, so I'll edit later with a short list. I'm listening to the Old 97's Drag It Up now with Toon-A-Rama (a Cartoon Network compilation of classic cartoon themes) and the Spirited Away soundtrack (Laurel spotted it and kept talking about it) to listen to later.

The release date for Laura Cantrell's new album was pushed back to June 21st, but I think I'll pre-order it once it's available; I'd wind up buying the album online anyway after the time we spent hunting for her first two albums in Raleigh. I'm glad for the MP3s on her site -- they introduced me to ballboy and The Schramms -- but you can blame revme for getting me hooked on her in the first place. (:

ETA 2250: he brought a limited edition copy of Involver and Digital Empire: Studio Wars home, so there's one more disc he bought I still have to note the title/artist for later. I'm importing Involver into iTunes and holy frijoles, is it good. I already liked Sasha, but now that I know there's a special edition release with a second disc I want it. The way to a man's heart may be through his stomach but the way to my heart definitely involves good music... but you knew Vogon would be good for that, he's my starry-eyed surprise.
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