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Customs destroyed my violet garlic! *sniff*

Vogon was stationed in Germany during part of his time in the service and fondly remembers an incredibly strong violet garlic there; two to three cloves have the same strength as a whole bulb of the white garlic commonly found in the States. My best friend (saarlander, referred to as Tea later in this entry) is currently stationed there and offered to send us some when it came into season; he e-mailed me last week to let me know it had and he'd sent a package.

I retrieved the box when I checked the mail this afternoon and waited to open the box until Vogon got home. (I developed that habit because Himself *loved* opening packages to the point that he'd open things addressed to me if I wasn't in when the mail arrived, which spoiled a few birthday surprises.) Under the note Tea included with the package, we found a Customs form. It turns out that garlic "must be peeled and free of skins" for entry into the US, so they destroyed the garlic after it'd gotten all the way to DFW airport!

Scan of the Customs notice with addresses obscured (about 200kb at full size)

I am rather cranky, but the packing paper still smells like garlic three days after they removed it. It's like the Holy Grail of garlic now and Tea's note that trying it may cause any future children to "come out smelling like garlic for at least the first two years of their life" only fans the flame.


On the bright side, the feuersenf, kinder eggs and delicious-smelling sachets for making Glühwein arrived without incident.
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