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Surprises, thinking about posters for Laurel's room and a tangent that ends with Gordon Wiltsie.

The 120 Gb hard drive that I mentioned on Friday is in but not yet formatted because Vogon surprised me with a desk and a DVD/CD-RW drive on Saturday! (I'd previously had separate DVD and CD-RW drives.) Assembly and setup entailed a lot more decluttering than I expected, but I'll post photos after I get everything nicely arranged.

Other surprises:
  • Vogon found the bag of Hershey Kisses he'd picked up for me when he stocked Laurel's Easter basket, so I now have dulce de leche Kisses, double chocolate Kisses and Hershey extra creamy chocolate eggs [insert joke here] filling my newly decorated treat jar.

  • I identified the 'dragon fish' Vogon picked up at PetsMart as a violet goby, which can grow to up to 22" long. Eeps! Ours are currently ~6" long each and currently live in a ~35-gallon tank. If a window-shopping trip to our local aquarium shop is in order, I'm there. (:

  • Today's mail check (it'd been almost a week) included saarlander's package (garlic! kinder eggs! mustard!), the charter issue of Cook's Illustrated that came with our new subscription, and a care package for Laurel from Grandma Betty. I'll have to help her compose a thank-you note later.

I'd like to put some posters up on Laurel's walls; she has some framed pieces in storage, but they've been there for almost two years. The only Miss Spider poster I found other than the Miss Spider's Tea Party book cover art was the ALA's Spin A Tale and most of the bug posters I've found are twee, so I'm currently considering some combination of Spin A Tale, either Chameleon or Get The Hang Of It (with Stellaluna) from the ALA online store, and a reproduction of the 1940 WPA library poster Little Miss Muffet Reads from Zazzle.


Tangentially, I really like Little Red Riding Hood (1937) and Wee Willie Winkie Library (1940) from Zazzle's WPA library collection, but Little Miss Muffet Reads is far and away the one Laurel would love. The Neil Gaiman Recommends poster at the ALA store is awesome, but I don't know where I'd put it here. I'd hang Quiet Times Open Minds or Random Acts of Reading in a library or living room. It's nice to hold the reins in decoration here since I was disappointed when I found out Himself took the North Face expedition posters I'd framed. I mostly wanted the Gremlin's Cap poster because I like Gordon Wiltsie's work and a fine art print of the same image is way out of my league. If I had to pick a Wiltsie print to buy today, my top three choices would be Moonrise over Ama Dablam, Potala Palace, and Sherpa Climber.
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