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Rough past week, good things, and a few questions about future content (photos, Laurel art).

The past week has been trying. The side effects of the antibiotics are slowly wearing off and I had a few days of bleak mental weather at the beginning of the week, but I know what triggered it. I've been sitting on the fence on filing taxes because I had no income last year and don't want the appearance of impropriety if Himself claims Laurel as his dependent on his return (which he legally *shouldn't* do, but I don't know whether he did).

In good news:
- my mouth has been healing quite nicely,
- the fridge is full of yummy Italian leftovers,
- Vogon's offered to install a 120 Gb drive on Naess (my computer), which will quadruple the amount of storage space I've got _and_ consolidate it to one drive,
- I moved most of the plants onto the patio (once the herbs I repotted to perk up, I'll take and post photos), and
- I got an e-mail from saarlander that the violet garlic Vogon fondly remembers has come into season and he's sent some our way. *foodie lust*

I've got two questions about future content for you, Dear Readers:
- Do you think I should trim back from the 20-30 photos I've been posting monthly (currently behind by a few months) to to an annual directory of the best 40-50 photos with links to Gallery albums for specific events (holidays, trips, etc.)?
- Would you like to see a series of drawings about food with captions by Laurel?
Tags: 004_computers, 635_gardening, 640.42_finances, 700_art, 779_photographs, laurel, sick, vogonpoet

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