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Mouth feeling much better, side effect rash (and sleepy from Benadryl), Laurel using potty.

Allergic rash Most of the swelling disappeared by Sunday. I'm still quite tender under the left side of my jaw, but I can turn my head and look down without much pain. My knees hurt -- or rather, the muscle just above them on my thigh hurts -- but I think (hope) that it's peaked and is getting better now. On the weird side, I have a rash all over my feet and partway up my legs that looks like little blotchy pinpricks. It showed up on Monday (day 5 of 7 on the antibiotics) and looked so bad to Vogon that he woke me up at 0200 to take Benadryl and moved my meds to remind me to read a message he left on my computer to call the dentist in the morning and ask about continuing the antibiotics. I did and was advised to continue taking them unless I develop swollen joints or difficulty breathing or swallowing. So far I'm just kinda tired from taking a Benadryl with my morning dose, so I think I'll make Laurel lunch and lay on the couch for awhile, enjoying the breeze from the patio.

In good news, Laurel is successfully using the potty probably most of the time right now. I don't know what tripped it, but she's probably only wetting herself once a day or so and enjoying having a bubble bath every day she's good about using the potty. I hope to transition her from pull-ups (we're near the end of a package) to cloth training pants soon and then take her shopping for big-girl underwear. (:
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