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Swelling going down, more ice = good, props to Chipotle, and a new phrase from Hanzi Smatter.

Four doses into the clindamycin (one 150mg capsule 3 times a day), Vogon commented this morning that the swelling has gone way down. I can't really tell, but it doesn't hurt as much to swallow and the swelling under my tongue has diminished enough that I don't feel like my tongue is sticking out. I want to take a few days to be sure I want the tooth extracted, so I'll be calling the dentist back on Monday with my decision so they can schedule an appropriate amount of time for it.

Vogon brought home two bags of ice last night so I could ice-pack away without worrying I was taking away from the ice he adds to his drinks, keeps asking if I'm hungry and has been making me lots of soup. He really is looking out for me, I'm just paranoid that I'm a freeloader and don't have a well-developed sense of how to tell when I need to see a doctor (cf. last year's kidney infection).

Friday is a lunch-out day for us, so we went to Chipotle. I wasn't sure I wanted to go there based on my limited past experience with Chipotle (a drunk gamer at MileHiCon 31 left rice all over my table and the floor from their burrito) and the interior noise level was rough on my tender left ear, but Laurel loved everything she tried and the store won my admiration when someone came by our table after we'd sat down and asked if I'd like a side order of just beans or rice. I managed a few small bites of barbacoa from one of Laurel's tacos and I'll make up for the rest of the calories at dinner -- last night I drank almost 24 oz. of tomato soup.


On the other side of the coin from being amused by Engrish, I've been reading Hanzi Smatter (LJ syndicated feed at hanzismatter) and laughing at some of the more amusing tattoo translations there. In the comments to Tian's latest post (several e-mails with someone that wanted him to translate a list of terms for them and took offense when he asked why they'd want to be tattooed in a language they obviously can't read), I picked up a new phrase: 崇洋媚外 . It means: "worship foreign things, obsequious to foreigners."
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