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Laura Cantrell, singing at lunch, Julie Miller... and dammit, Siannan, I want a Fluffernutter now.

Laura Cantrell has a new album coming out in May, which pleases me since I'm in withdrawal. (I own Not The Tremblin' Kind and When The Roses Bloom Again, but they're in Colorado.) How did I not know until this week that she'd been signed by Matador?

People give you really strange looks when you quietly sing snippets of "Sleeping In The Flowers" and "Why Does The Sun Shine" during lunch. Now I want to declare that I am England... an England that had a strawberry malt at lunch.

Speaking of musicians, a fellow D'Evelyn alumna once commented to me that when they read things I've written, the voice they use in their head sounds like Julie Miller. I really should listen to some of her music. (I'm pretty sure we sound nothing alike, but it's something to think about. Would anyone that hasn't heard my voice be interested in me making a Phone Post?)


Dammit, Siannan, you made me want a fluffernutter too.

*wanders off singing the Fluffernutter Jingle*
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