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Laurel asked for a little sister, miscellaneous fluff, and my friends list ranked by sun signs.

Laurel asked me for a little sister this morning. While I was processing that, she repeated her request with a heartfelt "please" afterward. I'll take it as a sign she's feeling better. Next time she asks, I'll tell her I'd rather have a Frappucino.

I found a job listing on craigslist that sounds like something I'd enjoy once I have a flexible schedule -- a web communications intern at Greenhill School. My memories of Oxford Academy flooded back while looking at their site, though their tuition is mind-boggling to me.

I've been pecking away at writing my own list of 10 things I've done that you probably haven't this week since I feel like I should attempt to be entertaining while I'm down and out with this cold. While trying to find a history of home birth laws in Massachusetts, I found contact information for the midwife that attended my little sister's birth. I'm thinking about e-mailing her to let her know that Sarah's doing well.

Which sun-sign am I most friendly with?
Pisces leftbarright 16.46% (13 friends)
Leo leftbarright 11.39% (9 friends)
Libra leftbarright 11.39% (9 friends)
Scorpio leftbarright 11.39% (9 friends)
Aquarius leftbarright 7.59% (6 friends)
Capricorn leftbarright 7.59% (6 friends)
Sagittarius leftbarright 7.59% (6 friends)
Taurus leftbarright 7.59% (6 friends)
Aries leftbarright 5.06% (4 friends)
Gemini leftbarright 5.06% (4 friends)
Virgo leftbarright 5.06% (4 friends)
Cancer leftbarright 3.8% (3 friends)

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Brought to you by pratibha75 and teemus.
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