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We've all got a cold and notes on movies we've watched this week.

We all have a rather nasty cold this week, so pardon the mess and my slow replies. Two points of interest regarding it: this is the first time that I can remember where Laurel has caught something before me and only the second time Vogon's taken a sick day since I've been here.

Laurel's been pretty good this week about taking medicine from the medicine spoon, but she was so difficult this morning I wound up using a graduated dropper and giving her infant cold drops. She still asked for a Sore Throat Pop afterward, so I think Vogon found a hit when he picked those up for her.

Vogon and I have been watching the extended version of Ray in fits and starts this week. I like it, aside from the length. (If not for DVDs, I would have virtually stopped seeing new movies after Laurel was born.) We watched Lil' Pimp in one sitting late Monday night and I laughed my butt off through it; I fuzzed in and out through Saw and Hero yesterday. From what I saw of the latter, I'd actually like to watch it again sometime when I'm not sick so I can follow the plot.
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