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Bampa's memorial service, Laurel being literal, Japanese treats, and a minor aside about pants.

I talked with Mom a few days ago about Bampa's memorial service. As with most things about that side of the family, it was small, intensely private, and got tied in to a joke that I'll associate with the person involved. Since I doubt anyone wants to hear details about the will, I'll relay the relevant parts to me: Mom got Mimi's frog mug that I adored and nobody knows what became of the stool that goes with a desk Mimi made for Mom years ago. (The desk was in my room growing up and currently resides in my sister's house.) I also learned that my aunt has an eight-harness loom that she no longer uses and wanted to know if I was interested in it, which would be great -- after we have the floor space for it.

Laurel's literal interpretations of things she hears have been particularly funny lately. While talking about an illuminated "do not cross" hand she saw while we were at a stoplight, Vogon joked that it meant 'talk to the hand' and she replied, "Hi, hand!". At another point in the day, she repeated the opening of Dragon Tales as wishing "to fly like dragons in a land of pot". *dies laughing* She also decided that she could get her hair cut today without me standing nearby to keep her company, a milestone for her.

The Japanese grocery store near our house is currently out of Fujiya Milky candy, which turned out to be good since they charge 4.29 per bag. (Asian Food Grocer charges 2.99 plus shipping, so I'll continue to get my Milky fix from them.) I picked up a bag of Asahi chewy green tea candy to help my remaining bag last, as well as more Pocky (how come nobody told me about Giant Pocky? I am afeared and humbled before them), azuki mochi and a pack of origami paper I may post about some of my plans for later.

I'm mildly irritated that my current pants wardrobe (I have four pairs here) has temporarily been halved because the smaller pairs are too tight in the waist. I'd chalk it up to my normal fluctuation in weight during the later half of my monthly cycle, but I weighed myself today and I'm five pounds over where I'd expect to be. It may not sound like much, but that's five percent of my average weight. I've had a lot of my clothing since before I had Laurel, so I either need to pay more attention to what and how much I'm eating or amend my wardrobe. Meh.
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