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The Rottweiler may have moved, (more) amusing t-shirts, and mockable children's toys.

Good news: the neighbor's Rottweiler was not a problem today. Vogon saw it being loaded into a pickup truck this morning and its dog bed had moved off their patio by lunchtime, so I hope the dog has moved to a home with lots of room and its own yard.


I am still amused by the t-shirts at T-Shirt Hell. My current favorite says "Who needs big tits?" on the front and "When you have an *ss like this" on the back, although I'd laugh myself sick if we went out with Vogon wearing "I'm Huge in Japan". (Guess what the Kanji characters represent.)

Speaking of casual shirt reading, I need to dig my "F*ck with me, and I will saw off your legs" shirt from out of storage so I can sleep in it.


While mentioning to kenwestervelt that the piano/xylophone toys made by Fisher-Price only have seven notes (no B, insert joke here), I found another funny item: The Sun Does Go Around The Earth, It Says So On The Jungle Gym. I am way too easily amused... and categorizing one's weblog posts by Dewey classification is brilliant.
Tags: 817_humor, annoying_neighbors

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