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Update on the neighbor with the Rottweiler.

All week, the new neighbor with the Rottweiler has been outside at least twice a day calling their off-leash dog back. The most recent time it happened today, Vogon went outside and reminded the guy calling for the dog that dogs have to be on-leash here. He replied that the dog gets out and he can't help it. After Vogon came back inside, he reported the dog owner to the complex management, which replied they've already talked to him.

My thoughts:
1. That dog is hella smart if it can operate both of the locks on the sliding doors here.
2. The dog's human is incredibly stupid if he thinks other neighbors won't mind a large dog running around the complex.
3. I need to program the relevant numbers for Dallas Animal Services into my phone and start keeping a detailed notes. If nothing else, the neighbor's violating the Pooper Scooper Law.
Tags: annoying_neighbors, vogonpoet

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