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Cable still on, neighborly status, moved to Firefox, and more blathering about cable.

The cable's still on although the preview was supposed to end yesterday. I took advantage of it earlier today and let Laurel watch cartoons because it helped me ignore the floor thumping again tonight as the downstairs neighbors go head-to-head. Our immediate downstairs neighbors informed us this evening they're moving out at the end of the month. I can't say I'll miss them terribly, but I do hope the next neighbors down there don't have a big dog like the other new neighbors on the ground floor.

Opera has been crashing lately despite keeping fewer windows open, so I picked up Firefox and am picking up extensions I like as I go. Which ones do you recommend? I'd like to move to Thunderbird too, but I don't look forward to moving my mail from Pegasus, which will probably entail converting each folder to .mbx format, then importing the whole shebang into Thunderbird. It's unlikely to be as time-consuming as when I went from Outlook Express to Pegasus, but at this point I just don't want to have to sit down and do it.

I really would like cable because I have such a hard time getting into movies lately (read: I'm too easily distracted and have to work harder on not being overwhelmed) and it was really nice tonight to stitch with HGTV on in the background, although I now have a minor crush on the host of The City Gardener -- if he talked more shop and less basics a la Victory Garden, it'd be a more serious crush.

edit 0045: I used Stephen Knight's Mail System Converter to convert my Pegasus mail folders to .mbx format and Thunderbird's digesting them now for me to futz with later. (The converter is 16-bit, so all the exported folders have 8-character filenames and I'll shortly have ~160 folders with that have been stripped of their meaningful long names. It'll be interesting to see what's in almost every folder that's named something like FOL000A0.)

There's a multidirection light ball at the party downstairs. Every time I pass the patio doors, the shifting patterns and colors scream like a street-corner preacher in my peripheral vision. I am _so_ glad we're above them instead of across from them tonight.
Tags: 004_computers, 791.45_television, annoying_neighbors

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