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The cable's still on although the preview was supposed to end yesterday. I took advantage of it earlier today and let Laurel watch cartoons because it helped me ignore the floor thumping again tonight as the downstairs neighbors go head-to-head. Our immediate downstairs neighbors informed us this evening they're moving out at the end of the month. I can't say I'll miss them terribly, but I do hope the next neighbors down there don't have a big dog like the other new neighbors on the ground floor.

Opera has been crashing lately despite keeping fewer windows open, so I picked up Firefox and am picking up extensions I like as I go. Which ones do you recommend? I'd like to move to Thunderbird too, but I don't look forward to moving my mail from Pegasus, which will probably entail converting each folder to .mbx format, then importing the whole shebang into Thunderbird. It's unlikely to be as time-consuming as when I went from Outlook Express to Pegasus, but at this point I just don't want to have to sit down and do it.

I really would like cable because I have such a hard time getting into movies lately (read: I'm too easily distracted and have to work harder on not being overwhelmed) and it was really nice tonight to stitch with HGTV on in the background, although I now have a minor crush on the host of The City Gardener -- if he talked more shop and less basics a la Victory Garden, it'd be a more serious crush.

edit 0045: I used Stephen Knight's Mail System Converter to convert my Pegasus mail folders to .mbx format and Thunderbird's digesting them now for me to futz with later. (The converter is 16-bit, so all the exported folders have 8-character filenames and I'll shortly have ~160 folders with that have been stripped of their meaningful long names. It'll be interesting to see what's in almost every folder that's named something like FOL000A0.)

There's a multidirection light ball at the party downstairs. Every time I pass the patio doors, the shifting patterns and colors scream like a street-corner preacher in my peripheral vision. I am _so_ glad we're above them instead of across from them tonight.


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Feb. 27th, 2005 06:03 am (UTC)
Flashblock is the big, useful one. AdBlock _could_ be good; basically, Adblock'd be awesome if it were BannerBlind. Of course, BannerBlind would kick ass if it worked in Firefox. Thing is, Flashblock gets rid of the most annoying ads anyway, so...

There's an All-Music Guide extension that's supposed to fix the Bustedness Of The New Design, but it doesn't really do a whole lot for me.

Also -- GESTURES. Those are the most useful thing in the world. I even forgot it was an extension, it's so useful. You must get those now. Optimoz.mozdev.org.
Feb. 27th, 2005 06:13 am (UTC)
i have the same lack of attention span when it comes to movies. i think i have ADD.
Feb. 27th, 2005 06:23 am (UTC)
Thunderbird can automatically import most settings and whatnot from other programs, as I recall. Been a while since I moved over, and I didn't pay much attention because I hardly ever use anything other than a web interface for email anyway.

As for extensions, I'll list out what I have and you can pick what you like. (=

adblock - I consider this essential.
colorzilla - It's primarily an eyedropper tool that will give you the hexadecimal and RGB for any color in a web page.
dictionarysearch - adds a right-click option to highlighted text that will take you to a dictionary lookup for the word
disable targets for downloads - prevents downloads from opening in a new window
foxytunes - allows control of any music player from the status bar. Good if you're lazy, like me.
gmail notifier - notifies of new gmail messages in the status bar.
wayback - adds a "wayback this page" or "wayback link" to the right-click menu. takes you to the internet wayback machine.
tabbrowser preferences - adds extra control to tab preferences. Very handy.
googlebar - Duplicates the googlebar for internet explorer
tabbrowser extensions - adds some nice functionality, such as saving tab sessions. Not overly stable, but it does auto-save on a crash, should that happen.
chromedit - user profile editor -- very good if you use user-defined CSS to override things.
downthemall - lets you download all links (or all links of a certain type) on a page. Also lets you download up to 9 items at a time rather than the 2 or 3 standard.
reloadevery - reloads a page every X seconds/minutes/hours
forecastfox - adds a local weather forecast to the status bar (queries weather.com)
cuneaform - HTML editor
editcss - CSS editor
web developer - large number of developer tools in a toolbar
image-show-hide - quick way to turn image loading on and off
image zoom - just what it sounds like. niceto be able to force images to soom in without leaving a page
loremipsum content generator - what it sounds like. good for web development and not much else (=
nuke anything - let's you turn off almost any aspect of a web page via context menu
nuke image - image-specific of the above (don't remember why I have both)
spoofstick - if you just upgraded, you should have a version that removes the need for this, so I wouldn't worry about it (if you have 1.0.1, you don't need it, otherwise you should get it or upgrade)
Feb. 27th, 2005 08:05 am (UTC)
I'm going to one-up everyone with links!

- Right click on any text box of any kind, click 'Spell Check'.

Google Preview
- Thumbnails of websites (or Amazon product photos or stock charts) when searching on Google or Yahoo!

Web Developer
- I sware by this when I'm developing websites.

With exception of Web Developer, these are what I install to all Firefox builds I install on student computers.
Feb. 27th, 2005 09:38 am (UTC)
To those mentioned above, I would add ChatZilla, if you use (or will use) IRC.
Feb. 27th, 2005 04:24 pm (UTC)
FF is def the way to go! I'm thrilled with it, even if the occasional web page crashes it. . .
My favourite extension is Adblock, closely followed by FoxyTunes.
I'm still experimenting with it, though, so I don't have anything more to add.
I think once you've used FF with adblock for a while, then go to some computer with IE, you'll be amazed at how much crap gets thrown at the typical 'web surfer.
For example, Friendster is practically intolerable without adblock. And just by blocking the usual offenders (e.g., doubleclick, etc.), nearly everything loads faster and cleaner. It's awesome!
Mar. 2nd, 2005 10:05 am (UTC)
I just had yet another crash of Symtray, followed immediately by a crash of (Windows) Explorer. This pair of crashings used to happen routinely on my previous machine; I attributed it to entropy of the system as a whole. But now I'm on a new, system, with relatively low entropy, more RAM, and a better CPU. And what occurs to me is that the Symtray/Explorer crash has only occurred for me when Opera was running. Further, I note that Opera itself is now crashing with increased frequency.

I think that the last two service releases must have rendered Opera far less stable.

My problem is that I like being able to run something and Firefox simultaneously; so that I can be, for example, logged into eBay with two accounts.
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