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Can't sleep, clowns will eat me^w^w take me out to eat and a note on chopsticks.

My sister just called to report they're on I-35E, roughly a half hour away from us. (My folks and sisters were in Austin over the weekend for Twist & Shout and planned in a night to visit us.) Vogon made a mad dash for the shower, I'm about to get Laurel dressed and go in search of a slightly more seasonally appropriate top than the strappy camisole I'm wearing right now (it's 78 inside)... and in the next hour or so, Vogon is going to meet my parents. Whee.

On an unrelated note, I want to stock up on Fun Chop chopstick helpers after we got oner with Laurel's kids meal at Pei Wei last week and she's been using chopsticks incredibly well since -- she's been eating edamame today like nothing, blowing away how much better I'm handling a pair since starting to use a stainless steel pair from a set we bought earlier this month.
Tags: 306.85_family, 641_food, 791.33_clowning

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