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Clarification on the previous post, running errands and new (wigger) neighbors.

Apparently my problem stems from thinking negatively, which would explain why many of the responses to my previous post were that I'm not perceived as negative.

Here's an example from yesterday: at the end of what I thought was a relatively successful small grocery trip at Wal-Mart (crowds and noise both exacerbate my anxiety), Vogon got frustrated with me because I failed to communicate well. (We'd split up so we could get more done in less time; when we reconvened, I was in the claustrophobia-inducing plastic aisle waiting for a woman to move so I could get an item I wanted that she was in front of. When she finally moved, I was getting overwhelmed and didn't make it clear to Vogon that I had to move _now_ or I was going to have a panic attack.) He dropped us off at home afterward and said he was going to get the rest of the errands he had done on his own because we were making things take too long.

I felt like I'd let him down and screwed up again, so after letting myself mope for a few minutes, I threw my energy into cleaning and was mopping the kitchen and entry when my phone rang. He wanted me to turn a particular station on the radio and "really listen to it". I wound up listening to a guest on The New You Show talking about surrounding oneself with people who think positively. I'm still not sure how I'm supposed to start thinking more positively, but the guest maintained that it's important and so does Vogon, so it's up to me to figure out how to think positively. At least writing about my attempts will be entertaining.

After moving past that, we had a very nice time running errands afterward. We now have pop-up hampers for everyone, Laurel showed us how she can run in heels (a pair of sparkly dress-up shoes), and we hit Blockbuster for movies to watch this week. I think it's time to get a Movie Pass with them and a 3-at-a-time NetFlix subscription so I can see more movies I'm interested in since I've gone through most of what I'm interested in at our closest two stores.

In other news, the nighttime/weekend noise here is about to get interesting -- the previously empty apartment across from our downstairs neighbors is now occupied by a couple that started playing thumping music around 1130 this morning (stuff that sounds like "me and my homies gonna roll and get some booty") and just switched to some whiny-quasi-rock stuff. In case they weren't winning our hearts and minds, they also have a Rottweiler they let run around outside off-leash. Now our downstairs neighbors are playing their craptastic bass in response and I'm cheering for them for two reasons: their music is less annoying and they don't have a behemoth of a dog.
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