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Things I did to the patio, four-year-old Breakout addict, and time to finish the movie already.

I flung the Christmas tree over the patio railing today.

(If the downstairs neighbors even noticed it, they were probably so baked they didn't think it was real.)

After I carried the tree over to the dumpster, we checked the mail (Laurel got a Valentine's package from Grandma Betty) before continuing our afternoon project of getting the patio ready for spring. She helped me clean the concrete with a wet broom and scrub down her water table, chairs and the grill, then I rehung the empty hanging flowerpots while she played at her table in the living room. (Note to self: take the drill out sometime to put up the third plant bracket and bike hooks.)

Vogon located the litterbox air freshener after he came in and disassembled the old refill for fun; apparently we *could* refill it ourselves.

Later on we went back to Kroger in search of the $5 LEGO® tubs, but they were sold out. While we were there, Laurel got her Valentine's balloon (a mylar heart that reads "Feliz Dia de San Valentin", she picked it out), we picked out a few new colors of nail polish, and Vogon picked up an Atari paddle controller with 13 TV games from the remaining clearance toys. I'm itching to play with it, but haven't yet because Laurel discovered she loves Breakout! Cthulhu help us, 'cause I don't think any other religious figure will touch that game.

Vogon and I watched most of The Ladykillers tonight, but still have about 20 minutes to go since he nodded off during Medium. So far, it's amusing although I'm mostly into it because of J.K. Simmons.

Tomorrow is a lunch-in day, currently planned for a picnic at the playground, and if the hot tub's warm, Laurel and I will "swim" in the afternoon before the front comes through that should bring the temperature down to seasonal values later this week.
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