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Lunch at Tokyo One, running errands with Laurel and five-dollar LEGO tubs at Kroger!

We had a very nice lunch at Tokyo One, where Laurel behaved well and I had seconds on dessert. It's a mystery that I didn't try creme brulee until our previous visit there several weeks ago. After lunch, he dropped us off so I could run errands and half the walk.

Laurel picked out new sunglasses at Walgreen's, where our cashier offered to cut the packaging off for us at checkout and handed the freshly-liberated sparkly purple glasses to a beaming Laurel. I was planning to get Laurel a balloon at Kroger since she'd specifically asked for one for Valentine's Day, but the floral department was swamped (no surprise) and while I was gauging the wait, we found something even better: tubs of LEGO® bricks for five dollars! I picked up a tub of 100 DUPLO® bricks and am debating whether to ask Vogon to pick up a regular LEGO® brick tub later today to store for when she's older.

Brief digression for LEGO® geeks: the regular bricks are in a plain red flat-top (not the outsized-stud top on current tubs) handled tub and are probably equivalent to the current Imagine and Build (4105) bucket, although I didn't note how many bricks were included; I would assume 500 since the original marked price was $10. The DUPLO® bricks are in a yellow handled tub of the same style and are marked as item 5230, which is not listed on but has only 10 bricks more than the Large DUPLO® Brick Bucket (4085). (If you're interested in the specific parts inventory, Peeron has it: Yellow Tub (#5230-1).)

We splurged a little, buying Stretch Island fruit leathers, a Horizon Organic chocolate milk for her and an 11oz/330ml bottle of chocolate Silk soymilk for me in addition to getting the things we went in for, but she must have gotten more tired out than I thought on the walk home because she's been a real pill. I put her in her room for a nap about 20 minutes ago and I'm still waiting for her to quit fussing, although she was kind enough to stop screaming.

I'm off to clean the litterbox and see if I can find the air freshener we keep with it. I finally picked up a refill for it, but I didn't spot the holder when I glanced around the bathroom after refilling the regular bathroom air freshener.
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