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Laurel's potty schedule and mine coincided yesterday and she giggled when I told her "You go to your bathroom, I'll go to mine, then I'll come back and help you finish." Good: she's finally peeing on the potty, although it's only about twice a day so far. Less good: she keeps saying it's too hard to flush the toilet and I'm not sure what to do about that. Suggestions welcome.

Had a strange evening Friday after a friend of the nerdsprout's came by in the late afternoon claiming she was there to pick up all of the nerdsprout's stuff. (This is laughable as the nerdsprout left a roughly 150ft²/14m² room knee-deep in stuff and I haven't done the closet or under the bed yet.) Later that night, we were woken up by a police officer knocking persistently that left by the time we opened the door. No matter the cause of the visit, it drove home that I should never answer the door unless I'm expecting someone and I've visually confirmed their identity through the peephole. (Bonus: our UPS delivery guy is cute. I want to put a pointy gnome hat on him and take pictures.)

Laurel and I went to Hancock Fabrics today in search of basting spray, a kind of temporary spray adhesive, called for in directions for a sewing project. I wasn't willing to pay $12 for a small can, so we purchased a few things (mostly sale finds) and Laurel had fun playing with another little girl that was there with her mom. The grocery store wasn't as satisfying. They finally stock the mandarin orange method dish soap I like, but their self-checkout was ridiculously non-responsive (I got "item not found" the first five times I swiped a box of cereal) and an item whose shelf tag indicated a card sale price rang up at full price and the clerk overseeing self-checkout didn't want to double-check the price, so I left it. I got the things I really needed anyway and picked up a bottle of Neutrogena Healthy Scalp shampoo on clearance while I was at it. Whee.

Before purchasing stuff from Wild Ginger (we're looking at PatternMaster Boutique, Child's Play and Stitch-N-Stash), Vogon downloaded Wild Things to get a feel for their software. I've printed and partly assembled a pattern for a tote bag to carry Laurel's playground toys that should be cheerful in bright yellow cotton with a polka-dot lining. It's got some cute hat and bag patterns for those of you interested in tweaking and printing patterns from your computer.

We never took our sushi from Central Market to the park, but eating it and talking to Zuggy inspired me to go in search of plastic bento boxes, which I've wanted since I was introduced to them when we lived in Goldsboro through the lunch specials at Hikari. Lacquerware ones are pretty but too expensive for now so I turned to Froogle, which brought up several Asian specialty stores carrying lidded bento boxes for around $20 each and the bigairplane eBay store, where I scored four bento boxes for $7 each plus shipping. There may still be a few available at that price, but the next lot I saw were $8 apiece.


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Feb. 9th, 2005 04:59 am (UTC)
Hm -- I vaguely remember around that time (though, about as well as you remember much of anything from like, that time, i.e. snapshots) that the plunger was a bit hard to trip and it could be a bit frustrating. Perhaps tell her to try it herself (so when she is strong enough she'll know) and if it won't go, to ask you to flush, since that's all Very Important To Get Rid Of Bad Germs.
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