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Week in review: Flip-N-Flush goodness, fun in US Toys, room clearing, stitching and taking it easy.

It's been a strange week but if I shook my virtual Magic 8 Ball, it would say the outlook is good aside from my stubborn sore throat.

Vogon installed the Flip-N-Flush on Monday night. He had the screws holding the toilet seat assembly out in a few minutes by holding the nut on the other side with pliers. Laurel's been sitting on the toilet every half hour during her waking hours since and I'm cautiously optimistic that she "get" it and want to be potty-trained soon so she can have at least a few months of preschool before starting kindergarten.

We went to our local US TOY Company store after lunch on Wednesday. While I didn't find what I wanted (Mom had seen Sesame Street hand puppets at the Highlands Ranch store, particularly Forgetful Jones), we had a lot of fun looking. Laurel got farm and wild animal cloth finger puppets, bubble wands, and a jump rope, I got two Where the Wild Things Are birthday cards on clearance, and Vogon picked up a bunch of small toys to take to work.

Since Wednesday is FlyLady's anti-procrastination day, I finally dug in and cleared a lot in Laurel's room. I filled three bags with trash (over a hundred pounds by Vogon's estimate), collected another two laundry loads worth of clothing to wash and pack, cleared the floor to turn the computer desk to be against the wall between the window and closet instead of next to it and blocking the window, then set the computer up so Laurel can use it, loaded the dresser with Laurel's clothing and DVDs, rounded up all of her toys in the bedroom and gave them places to stay (stuffed animals on the bed or chair and the rest into a cardboard file box), and vacuumed the floor aside from two small patches I hadn't fully decluttered.

I still have the aforementioned un-vacuumed areas to declutter, boogie and sort, then I have to tackle under the bed and the closet. Once that's done, all the nerdsprout's stuff minus a few items we're using (bedding, computer, TV and DVD player) will be packed and ready for storage.

On Thursday, I washed the laundry from the bedroom, pulled the linen off the scroll frame I'm going to try cleaning (Laurel took a writing pen to it awhile back; if it doesn't come clean I'll buy a new piece for the project since I'm only a few dozen stitches in), serged the edges of a piece of Aida and started stitching a project I'd meant to start in December and have been pleased at how quickly it's stitching up. 14-count Aida is downright pleasurable after all the counting for my last few projects on higher-count fabrics.

I've been taking it easy and stitching most of today, but I have laundry to fold later and a few pieces of mending to do. Laurel was remarkably well-behaved at lunch after getting over that we were going to eat at Clay Pit and not the Chili's next door to it, stuffing herself with naan in between fruit salad, cream of tomato soup, and tandoori chicken. She loved the ladies room, too; she was charmed by the foaming soap dispenser, basket of potpourri between the sinks, and the motion-activated paper towel dispenser.

I have flannel washed and ready to press so I can make pajama pants over the weekend, but right now I'm thinking about Vogon's offer over lunch today to go to Central Market tomorrow and have a picnic lunch at the park with sushi. Mmm.
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