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Someone finally answered the door downstairs! We should probably go out tonight during their party.

Just as Laurel stopped fussing and I thought she was going to actually sleep during naptime once this week, the downstairs neighbors turned on music so loud I could easily make out some of the lyrics.

After fifteen minutes, I went downstairs and asked them to turn down their bass because it was my daughter's naptime. The girl that answered the door apologized and turned it down, but while their door was open I realized they were decorating for a party. (The "Happy Birthday" banner above the mantel is obvious from the front door, even with my vision.)

I think we should find someplace to go out tonight. Any suggestions for places to go with a four-year-old?

edit 01/31: Without the nap, Laurel went down to sleep early. So did I, though it was more a function of tiredness than noise tolerance.
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