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A surprise sinus flareup, a new-to-me celebrity favorite Sesame moment and some amusing links.

I really need to remember to keep an eye on the weather forecast. Had I been this past week, I would have seen the drop in forecasted highs between Wednesday and Thursday and correctly guessed a frontal boundary was coming through. Blindsided by my own inattention, I spent yesterday in a sinus haze and retching every time I changed position or smelled food.

Vogon had a talk with Laurel at lunchtime about being on her best behavior because I was sick. After that she behaved like and angel and every time she passed me, she patted my arm and said "Mommy, you look sick," or "Feel better!". He took care of her for me after he got in that evening (so sweet!) and after he tucked her in, asked if there was anything he could do for me. That was easy to answer -- TENS on my neck, shoulders, and the P6 acupuncture point. I don't know how long he left me on the machine because I fell asleep a few minutes in and my next memory is waking up to use the bathroom at 0100 and being confused at being on the opposite side of the bed than where I usually sleep.

I'm still not back to my usual level of functioning, but things are improving -- I had oatmeal almost two hours ago with no nausea yet and my sinuses are still sore, but not clogged.

I'm really fond of the celebrity "favorite Sesame Street moment" spots airing before the show this season -- it seems like Wendy Wasserstein is on an awful lot, but my head snapped up a few minutes ago when I heard Christopher Meloni (Det. Elliot Stabler on Law & Order: SVU) talking about Cookie Monster wrestling with his conscience. Now I'm hoping there's a Mariska Hargitay one too. I love me some Olivia. (:

A few links I found amusing this morning:
- Secret of the Venus Fly Trap Revealed
- Memorial Sloan-Kettering researchers identify new cancer gene, name it Pokemon
- 13 January Reverend Fun cartoon, brought to my attention by princessbunny: The Porpoise-Driven Life
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