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Purchases: potty-training aids (Flip-N-Flush, VibraLITE watch, Potty Elmo).

I made a few potty-training related purchases today from ZIP Baby that are a mix of easier solutions for things we're already doing and a less-expensive alternative to something I'd like to try:
- Flip-N-Flush, a semi-permanent toilet seat adapter that fits between the regular seat and lid so it doesn't interfere with regular toilet use and lets the lid close normally. It also comes in pink, which is important to Laurel.
- VibraLITE 3, a watch with an automatically repeating countdown timer that can be set to beep and/or vibrate, which should be less frustrating for Laurel than me reminding her to sit on the potty every half hour and easier for me than resetting the timer twice in a given half-hour to remind of the half hour and a 3-5 minute sitting. She's interested in telling time and loves my watch, so we'll see if she wants to wear it and if she doesn't, I will. It's a cute watch.
- Potty Elmo, which isn't a true drink-and-wet doll (the ideal is the Corolle 'Emma', which can hold its water instead of immediately wetting itself and costs twice as much as Elmo) but I think the drink->potty correlation and songs by one of her favorite characters will help. As a bonus, if it's still in near-new condition after she's potty-trained I can sell it on eBay and let her "splurge" on lots of big-girl underwear.
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